Mesin UV Varnish Coating MURAH

Mesin varnish (uv varnish coating machine) utk melapisi kertas cetak agar permukaannya mengkilat (glossy) atau dofkertas cetak jadi awet dan anti gores.

Full automatic coating machine | RHW1000/1200J

Full automatic coating machine

Spesifikasi dan harga mesin coating uv varnish MURAH…

UV Coating Machine | Mesin UV Varnish

4 thoughts on “Mesin UV Varnish Coating MURAH

  1. Dear sir/madame,
    Would you please explain to me more detail about coating Varnish machine you advertised, actually my company is Printing company which is need UV varnish for the cover of book .

    Thank you
    Syafri S

  2. Hello
    We are the manufacturer of high quality, affordable pad printing machines, screen printing machines and consumables.
    I want to become sales agents
    We are local Indonesian



  3. Dear sir,
    Mohon info detail spec untuk UV varnish khusus pengerjaan stiker dan sekalian penawaran harganya.

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